15th Reason Why Every Business Needs Social Media

15th Reason Why Every Business Needs Social Media.  Over the next couple of weeks we are going to count down the top 15 reasons as to why every business needs social media.  This is our opinion of course but I am certain what we have on our list, other social media marketing companies will agree with most if not all of our reasons.

#15  Social Media is FREE! Last I checked, you can’t beat FREE!  To sign up for a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc page it is completely free to do so.  It is completely free to run your own analytics.  The only thing that cost money are your ad campaigns and your Social Media Marketing Company that you hired…i.e. Social Latte.  Sure hiring a company like us to run your ads and or manage your social media outlets is an investment.  However it is a profitable investment which will reflect in your ROI (Return on Investment) through our ad to conversion campaigns.  I’m not saying it is impossible for you to do this on your own.  I am saying being a business owner I am most certain you won’t have time to effectively run your own social media.  Social Media can make or break a company’s bottom line. If posts are neglected or poorly written it will most certainly send out a negative message to your following / potential customers.

Let’s talk about your ROI (Return on Investment) with social media.  It’s literally unbeatable.  Comparing Facebook ads with Google Adwords. Google is around $1 to $2 and depending on what your keyword is, you can end up paying $25 $50 or higher for 1 single click! That’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S (in my Gwen Stefani voice).  Through Facebook ads you can pay as little as $0.14 per click.  As we have mentioned on our website, for every $1 you spend in ads, with Social Latte you will see at least a $5 return.  Why pay ten or twenty times as much for each visit when social media ads make earning that traffic quick and easy?

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