1. Do I really need Social Media?

Yes, just because you do not take an interest in Social Media doesn’t mean Social Media won’t take an interest in you.

There are people leaving reviews of your products, complaining, asking questions. You might not see all that but your potential customers and your potential employees will. Everyone uses Google or other search engines to do their due diligence on companies.  Honestly social media is where you will find your target audience.  Every social media platform has a much bigger reach than all of the TV channels combined.  Really, who still uses newspaper and radio ads?


2. How do I measure ROI in Social Media?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions as well as one of the biggest headaches for business owners.  A report from Fast Company showed 88% out of 750 surveyed marketing professionals felt that they couldn’t accurately measure the effectiveness of their social media campaigns.  So here is what you need to do.  1.) Start with setting some conversion goals whether its dealing with your landing pages, sign ups or making online purchases. 2.) Track your conversions, the more eyes you have on your campaign the greater your ROI will be.  3.) Assign monetary value to each conversion.  4.) Determine cost per channel from adding labor and other expected costs.  5.) Using Google analytics, collect incoming traffic and conversion numbers.  6.) Go back and use steps 4 and 5 to calculate the ROI per social media channel.


3. Do I need a Social Media Marketing Manager?

I often hear business owners say “Why would I hire someone to post of Facebook  Honestly that is a fair question.  Let’s take a look at what a social media marketing manager actually does.

  • Managing your Facebook ads
  • Review analytics and determine next steps
  • Run experiments to optimize social media posts.
  • Manage your calendar
  • Schedule posts
  • Curate content
  • Monitor brand mentions and keywords
  • Engage with customers and partners

Social media Marketing is truly a skill and you will need a specialist, a story teller, a person who understands and listens to what your audience is saying.

4. How to handle negative comments on social media?

No one will make everyone happy all of the time and things happen that are out of our control.  With that being said you are bound to have negative feed back at some point being a business owner.  There are a few things you need to remember when someone posts a negative comment about you or your business. 1.) Be friendly be personal. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes to try and understand where they are coming from. 2.) Never argue, never delete comments and always apologize for the situation.  3.) Use a social media monitoring tool so that comments aren’t sitting for hours or days before they are answered.


5. Can I repost the same content to different social media networks?

Absolutely!!! Your followers will rarely follow you on all of your social media pages. Reposting the same content on your various pages allows you to reach more people which means a better ROI. This also leads to network integration: users might find your content on Twitter and later post it on their Reddit, Stumble Upon or their other pages. Moreover, you can post the same content on the same network multiple times, just in case your followers haven’t seen it the first time. A life of a Tweet, for example, is only about 5 minutes. So only by posting it 3 or 4 times (on different days and different hours) you can be sure that most of your audience have seen it.